Sacred Heart Catholic Church
PO Box 340
210 South Walnut St
Shelby, Nebraska 68662 

Parishes are established for a territory so the community of believers in that area join together to worship and to participate in the life of the parish so that the ministry of the Church can continue in that area. 

Our parish territory includes the communities of Shelby, Rising City, Gresham, and Surprise. 

All are welcome at any time to come and worship with us.

All Catholics who live in this area are encouraged to register in the parish as members. This connects you with the parish for communications and activities. Unless Catholics register in the parish, they are not known to be active members in the parish. To register, please contact the pastor. 



Baptisms are arranged at the convenience of the family. The sponsors chosen are to be practicing Catholics. If they are from another parish they will need to have a letter of eligibility from their home parish. This should be sent to the church in advance. 

If someone from another parish wishes to have their child baptized here they should present a letter from their home pastor giving the proper permission.


As Catholics, we firmly believe that marriage is a most sacred commitment that deserves the careful attention and preparation on the part of all who are involved: the couple, the priest and the Church.  

At least one of the parties should be a registered and practicing member of the parish. In the case where both of the parties have moved from the parish, but they would like the wedding at Sacred Heart Parish, one or the other of the parties should present a letter from their home pastor giving permission for the wedding to take place here. 

Please contact the pastor to schedule your wedding. This is to be done at least 6 months prior to your project wedding date. Please note that no dates final until all the requirements for marriage set forth by the Church have been satisfactorily completed. The requirements are as follows: 

  - completion of a Pre-Nuptial Investigation 

  - completion of the FOCCUS Premarital Inventory 

  - the submission of current copies of baptismal certificates, 
  and affidavits of freedom to marry. 

  - Attendance at and Engaged Encounter Weekend  
  sponsored by the Family Life Office of the Diocese of 

In order to preserve the sacredness and dignity proper to Christian marriage, all wedding ceremonies must conform to the guidelines of the Diocese of Lincoln. 

1) Liturgical Celebration: the marriage of two Catholics is ordinarily celebrated within the context of Mass. If one of the parties is baptized, but not a Catholic, the wedding is usually celebrated during a Liturgy of the Word Service. 

2) Reception of Holy Communion: it is the Church’s policy that only practicing Roman Catholics may receive Holy Communion at Mass. If your wedding will take place during Mass, it is your responsibility to instruct non-Catholics of this policy. 

3) Music: All matters relating to music should be approved by the celebrant. All music chosen must be sacred in character, that is written with the intention of glorifying Almighty God. Popular songs, love songs and the like should be played at the reception, not during the church service.

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